Saturday, January 19, 2013

Product Review: Night Dawg LED Collar

I was contacted a few weeks ago from a representative of Safety Gear Online to do a product review for a dog collar.  I have to admit I was quite excited to have the opportunity to do a review!  It was also quite nice to get a free collar to do so!

I finally took the time this week to try out my new collar.  Well, it is actually Cooper's new collar!  I chose to use Cooper for the collar review as he is my dark brown man.  The collar is a safety collar for low or no light situations, such as nighttime walks.  Since Coop is quite impossible to see in the dark, I thought he would make the perfect model!

It was very simple to put together.  First, you had to remove the light source.  It slid out easily.  Then you sized the collar to fit your dog's neck.  

Once sized, you cut the light tube to length.  The directions give very easy to follow instructions on how to do this.

After the light tube is cut to length, it slides back into the collar.  It was a bit snug to get back in, but if you go in from the correct side it goes in without too much trouble.  After it went back in, I tested it.  All you do is push the button by the snap that looks like a sun.  It takes a firm push to depress the button, but at least that means it won't accidentally get bumped off during your walk.  One press of the button gives you a steady beam of  red light.  If you push the button a second time, it flashes. 

Now it was time to get my model!  Here is a photo of Cooper with a flash so you can actually see him:

Here is another photo in the exact same spot with no flash:

Pretty cool, huh?  I promise he is there!  He is so hard to see in the dark.  I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have tripped over him in the middle of the night!  With the collar, you can actually see him!

My sweet June bug is much easier to see in low light situations:

Here you can see her sneaking behind her brother:

I didn't use the flash on these photos to get realistic shots of the dogs in low light.  The Night Dawg LED Collar most certainly helps keep Cooper visible.  Being seen on a nighttime walk is so important for your pup's safety.

This collar is quite awesome!  It is just like Cooper's regular collar but with a cool red light for safety.  It is constructed nicely with a snap closure.

If you are interested in learning more about the Night Dawg LED Collar, please visit this link.

I hope you enjoyed my first product review.  I know I did!

As always, please consider adopting your next best friend from your local shelter or rescue group.  You most certainly won't regret it!

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  1. Pretty cool love the pics of the brown man, I might have to look in to one for my brown man.

  2. Pretty cool love the pics of the brown man, I might have to look in to one for my brown man.

    1. It was super cool! The website has them for $14.95. Totally worth it if you walk them when it is dark out. You know our brown men are hard to see haha!

  3. I have one of these for my wandering Beagle; it also flashes, which for some reason makes it last longer. He's gotten his dirty already. The only problem I had was it would not stay his neck size but slipped larger; I contacted the company who are promptly sending me another; now THAT'S customer service. Shiloh will never be without his. Wish I could share my pic with you but I, too, took one in low light; the collars are so nice at dusk and dark. Thanks for the good review.

    1. Oh beagles! He sounds like my parents pup, Barney. Barney would surely get it dirty, too! That really does sound like great customer service!

      Thanks for your kind words! I am glad you liked my review :)


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