Friday, November 30, 2012

10 Reasons to Adopt Buddy

1.  He is adorable! (Refer to photo above.)

2.  Buddy is a great snuggler.  He likes to sleep beside you in bed and cuddle.  Your feet will stay warm all winter long!

3.  Buddy's fur is so soft that it is instant stress relief when you pet him.

4.  He is so very smart.  He knows his name when you call him and he can sit like a champ!  (And he is only seven months old!)

5.  He is a good kisser!  He is so sweet and so are his kisses.  (Not even slobbery!)

6.  He is very adorable when he plays toys. (Refer to video below.)


7.  He gets along very well with other dogs.  He absolutely loves playing with his foster brother and sister.
8.  Buddy is a gentle soul.  He is so very sweet.  He just wants to be loved!
9.  He is instant therapy after a day of work.  You come home to a happy face and a wagging tail!  Who wouldn't feel better after a greeting from Buddy?
10.  And last, but most certainly not least, you will be saving a life!  Buddy has been pulled from a kill shelter.  Adopting him will not only save his life, but it will free space in a foster home for additional dogs to be saved. 
As always, thanks for considering a shelter or rescue dog for your next best friend.  Please visit Sea Dog Rescue to fill out an adoption application.  You certainly won't regret it!
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #3

Did you hear that???

I think I heard I was up for adoption at Sea Dog Rescue.  Click here to apply!


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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cooper's New Diet

My Sweet Brown Man

Yesterday I took Cooper and Junie to the vet.  Both of the pups needed ear treatments and I wanted to get Coop's thyroid checked.  His friend, Jet, was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, so I thought it might be a good idea to get a blood test for Coop.

Well....long story short......Coop just needs to cut back on his calories....even more than he already has.  His test came back fine, but his weight was even worse than our last visit.  He is up to 97 lbs!  He needs to lose 20 lbs.  My poor boy:(

The vet, Dr. Cooper, (fitting huh?) suggested a new food for Cooper.  He was on Wellness Healthy Weight, which is a holistic, all natural food.  It is some great stuff!  But Dr. Cooper recommended to put Coop on Iams Veterinary Formula Weight Loss.  I am super not a fan of Iams.  By-product gives me the jeebies.....

I went to our local pet supply store and talked to the owner about Coop.  He actually had a lab that was 98 lbs.  He put her on this diet and used green beans for treats.  She dropped 20 lbs in three months!

So I am putting my boy and his health in front of everything else, including my dislike for Iams.  I did learn some good things about Iams today, though.  They are an American company and the food (at least the veterinary formula) is made in a lab.  It was strongly recommended by the vet, so I am giving it a shot. 

Also, as Ben and I were measuring Cooper's new food with the handy measuring cup I got from the store owner today, we compared it to his old "1 cup" scoop.  His old scoop was totally more than one cup!  It had a line inside it just below the rim that was labeled one cup.  Really??  It looked like it was a one cup scoop.  We over fed him a smidgen at each meal and that seemed to add up:(

At least now that winter is here, we can get back to exercising.  Labrador coats are not meant for North Carolina summers.  My poor Coop is all about the air conditioning in the summer.

Yesterday was Day 1 of Coop's new diet.  We will weigh him again in about six weeks to see how he is coming along!

We will for sure keep you posted!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Buddy: Our First Foster

Buddy joined us on Saturday, November 24, 2012

Here is Buddy, our first foster!  Buddy is a seven month lab/shepherd mix.  And yes, he is as adorable as he looks!  Buddy came to us just two days ago, and he has already fit right into our family.  He is going to make his forever home very happy once they adopt him!

Paula from Sea Dog Rescue brought him over on Saturday.  Ben & I headed outside with Coop and June on leashes so we could take a walk around the block with Buddy for a non-confrontational greeting.  I have to say that my kids did great!  I was one proud momma!

After our little meet and greet, we came into the house and Paula got us up to speed on this little bundle of love.  He had a bath and a brand new collar.  Buddy is one styling puppy!

I had to work on Buddy's first evening with our family, but Ben said he did great!  Buddy only had one accident, and has been perfect in the house ever since!  Tonight will be his first overnight without a bathroom break though.  I don't want his forever home to have 2:00am wake up calls!  I have the utmost faith that he will be just fine tonight!

Buddy was a bit timid his first day with us.  We worked really hard to make him feel at home.  We got down on his level, let him sniff us, and gave him lots of love! 

After his first night, Buddy was much less timid.  He is now playing with June and Coop and he even jumps up onto the bed all by himself.  He climbed into bed with me this morning after Ben left for work for some snuggle time with his foster mom.  Such a sweet boy!

Sniffing with Coop!

Buddy seems to like it here just fine, but he is waiting for his forever family to find him.  If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Buddy, please apply online at Sea Dog Rescue.  They will even arrange to transport him to you at no extra charge.  He will most certainly fill your heart and your home with joy!

Love those ears!

As always, please consider adopting your next best friend from a rescue group or a shelter.  Saving a life is absolutely the best feeling!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

We are going to be a Foster Family!

We are going to have a foster brother!

For the longest time, I have wanted to do more to help dogs.  I have thrown around the idea of being foster parents for a couple of years now, but it has always been shot down.  Either by my family or my husband.  "We aren't ready".....or....."You won't be able to let go of a dog".....or....."You will get too attached".

Well, about a month ago, out of nowhere, Ben said we could maybe be foster parents.  Oh my!!!!  I was so excited I finally had Ben on board!  So right away I looked into being a foster mom. 

I looked on-line for local rescue groups looking for prospective foster homes. I found a local rescue group called Sea Dog Rescue. It is a wonderful group that saves dogs from kill shelters and finds them wonderful forever homes!

The founder, Paula, came over tonight for our home visit. It went wonderfully and we are now approved to foster! June and Coop were wonderful....even though Junie did jump on Paula a bit. But all and all they were great!

Now we just have to cross our T's and dot our I's and we are officially foster parents. We will likely get our first foster next weekend! I cannot wait to help and make a difference!

Every dog I am able to foster will be saved from a kill shelter.  That is the best feeling!  I will literally be helping to save lives!  One at a time, my husband and I will be making a difference. 

I have a friend that has fostered several dogs for a rescue group. She says it is tough to let go, but so rewarding! If you get with a good rescue group (which I have!) you have nothing to worry about. The families these dogs go to are screened very carefully. The dogs I will be fostering will be going to great families. 

As always, please visit your local shelter or rescue group to find your next best friend!  Your new dog might just be in their foster home right now waiting for you!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Trip to Indiana 11/9/12

Last weekend I had the pleasure of flying to Indiana for the weekend to help my mom babysit my nephews.  It was a wonderful trip!  I absolutely love spending time with my family.  They are the best by far!  I also got to meet Ryder, the newest member of our family.  He is a wonderful pup that is fitting right in!

Ryder LOVES playing fetch!

My nephews are at such a fun age.  Reid is two and Kolby is almost one.  They are super cute!  My third nephew, Toby, was also along for this trip.  He happens to have four legs though; he is a chocolate lab and Auntie Laura loves him so much! (But I do have a soft spot for brown dogs...)

Reid playing ball in the yard with the pups!

Reid is very much a Grandpa's boy.  He is my dad's best friend during his visits to my parents.  Reid has a mini John Deere tractor he rides all over my parents' yard.  He had an absolute blast with this, as usual, but this time something made it even more fun:  the beagle.  Barney thought it was fun to chase after the tractor and "Barrrooooo!" at it.  Reid thought it was absolutely hilarious to be chased by Barney. 

At one point, my mom had Barney on her lap in a folding chair.  Reid drove up next to her on the tractor and said, "Barney down."  He kept saying "Barney down" until mom put down the beagle to chase Reid around some more.  Absolutely adorable!

Kolby is still a bit too young to play outside the same way Reid does, but he had fun just the same.  Now Kolby is very much after my own heart.  He absolutely LOVES the dogs!  He loves watching them play.  He just lights up when he sees them and laughs when they play.  Kolby also loves petting them and being near them.  He is the sweetest little boy already, but being a mini dog lover makes him even more adorable!


The dogs had a great weekend also.  Toby had a great time being with the family and watching over his little brothers.  Barney of course had a blast playing with Reid and the other dogs.  And young Ryder was such a good boy with the kids.  He is a great addition to the family!  Even our neighbor dog, Ziva, came over to play.  Barney thinks she is his outside dog:)

Mom and Barney

Needless to say it was a busy weekend.  My mom informed me the beagle was thoroughly worn out to the point that she had to carry him outside to go to the bathroom.  Even Ryder was worn out and he is one energetic pup! 

Kids and dogs together are probably the cutest combination possible if you ask me.  It was such a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to visit again!

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Welcome to the Family, Ryder!

Adopted November 3, 2012

A few weeks ago, my parents lost their one-of-a-kind black labrador, Elwood. Elwood gave our family twelve and a half wonderful years full of love and great stories. He was truly an amazing dog. A true alpha. There will never be another dog like him. Ever. Until we meet again, Elwood. We will love you, always.

As my parents began their mourning, they started to discuss adopting a new dog. They felt that their second dog, Barney (a.k.a. the beagle), needed a companion to ease his anxiety, and also to help the healing process for all of them. Opening your home and heart to a dog does wonders for the spirit. Although they will always love Elwood and he is very much irreplaceable, my parents started the adoption process.

My dad has listened to me preach adoption for years, and my mom also shares my belief in adoption being the best option. So Dad set out on his search for a dog to adopt. Our family has always had a soft spot for labs. Although there have been a few other breeds in the mix, labs have dominated our family. They are such great dogs. I told my dad about rescue groups specializing in specific breeds. Adopting doesn't mean you have to get a mix. (Although they are wonderful, too!) When I worked at Petco, I was taught that 25% of all homeless dogs are pure bred. You have so many choices for your new best friend!
My dad found a group on-line based out of Indiana called Love of Labs. They had several adoptable dogs on their site that were wonderful! My dad started filling out their application. It was quite an in depth application. Please do not let a lengthy process deter you from adopting. These groups are ensuring these animals go to a forever home with a good quality of life. They may have several rules and requirements, but is in the best interest of the dog as well as that of the family.

About a week later, my dad had a phone interview. Of course he passed with flying colors! I have never seen a more dog friendly home than my parents...well my home is very dog friendly as well of course. But I inherited my love of dogs from the best! My mom sent in some photos of their home, the yard, and where the potential dog would spend most of his/her time. Once again, they passed with flying colors!

Now came the fun part. Which dog would they like to meet? My parents picked a dog named Ryder. He was an 11 month old black lab/chow mix. He was absolutely adorable! They set a date to go meet him.

Two weeks after the adoption process began, my parents and Barney were headed to Indianapolis to meet Ryder. They of course fell in love, signed the paperwork, and loaded Ryder into the backseat. He was such a happy, content boy. His family had finally found him.

Ryder is now getting used to his new home and his new brother, Barney. Barney is still a little unsure of Ryder, but I am sure they will be fast friends very soon! They have already been caught stealing food together, thick as thieves!

Ryder has a wonderful yard to play in everyday, a couch to snuggle on next to his people, and a queen size bed to sleep on at night next to his daddy's feet. He now has a wonderful home to call his own. He truly won the doggy lottery.
Please consider adopting your next best friend from a local rescue group or your local animal shelter! You will not regret it!

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This post is in loving memory of Elwood. April 22, 2000 - October 18, 2012. We love you, Baby El. Always.



Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

This was June Bug on her second day with us after being adopted.  Already feeling at home!


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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Separation Anxiety: Part 2

Now don't let this photo trick you!  This was totally the foxhound!  Coop just follows me around and got in the picture:)


And here is the culprit!  She looks sweet and innocent....but that basket didn't stand a chance!

On a side note, we used to keep our bedroom door shut when we left, but she had been so good lately that we decided to give her a second chance so she could snuggle in the bed.  The temptation was just too much!
Welcome to Part 2!  In Separation Anxiety: Part 1, we covered the importance of having a routine, crating, and one distraction technique, the Kong.  There is so much more to help overcome your dog's anxiety!

I would like to make one addition to using a crate for your anxious pup while you are gone.  I recommend not putting any stuffed toys or blankets in the crate with your dog. They can easily tear these items up and ingest them. Ingesting these materials can cause obstructions that can be very dangerous (even fatal) and could require costly surgery to remove. Please don't feel mean!  It is for your dog's safety. Just think it is like lying on a hardwood floor to keep cool in the summer. They will be perfectly fine and most importantly, safe.

Another very important technique to overcome anxiety is to ignore your dog when you leave and ignore them when you come home. This is the hardest thing to do. You want to comfort them and tell them it will all be okay, but this will not help them feel comfort in the slightest. Dogs feed off of our emotions. If they sense you are making a big deal out of coming and going, they will think it is a big deal. They will worry that something bad is happening because Mom or Dad is acting anxious when they leave or too excited when they get home.  Ignoring snuggles at the door is even harder than ignoring them when you leave, but it will help. 

In addition to ignoring your pup when you come and go, another useful technique is to go through your morning routine, but then don’t leave!  Dogs are so very smart.  I swear Cooper gives me “the look” every time I put on my work uniform.  He knows that means I am leaving.  Your dog is the same!  If you go through your morning routine and stay home, your dog will see that something bad doesn’t always follow your morning routine.  Also, you could do short trips out following your routine, such as running down to the gas station.  It will help desensitize them to your leaving.  But don’t forget to ignore them!

Another little technique to help anxiety is to teach your pup some tricks.  I had a friend suggest this to me once for Coop and it actually helped quite a bit!  My friend told me that exercising his mind would help him overcome his anxiety.  Dogs are smart and like learning new things.  Using their noggin will help keep them from feeling bored.  And I am not talking about crazy tricks here.  Just do the simple ones.  Coop learned how to shake with both paws, lay down, and stay.  These are definitely the basics, but they helped him feel better.  He loved when I praised him and gave him hugs for doing his new tricks correctly.  Learning these few things really seemed to help.  Plus it was a fun thing for us to do together!

My last piece of advice for a dog with anxiety is exercise!  Just taking your dog on a simple walk around the block will do wonders.  Not only is it physical exercise, but it is also a mental exercise.  All of the new smells and sights will get their mind working and help to wear them out.  Does your dog like to fetch?  Grab that tennis ball and wear their little booty out!  A worn out dog is much too tired to worry!

I certainly hope these tips and techniques help you with your pup!  If you have any other ideas, please feel free to share them!

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