Sunday, March 10, 2013

Caption Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Jeremy P!!!  He is the winner of our caption contest!  Here is Jeremy's winning caption:

Jeremy chose the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County to receive the prize of a $25 donation.  This is where he and his family adopted their current dog, Gracie.  They are also looking into adopting their next puppy, a rottweiler/boxer mix.  Jeremy and his family are great people that love their pups!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the contest! Voting was done on Facebook.  A close second went to ACD6Pack for "You don't see me. Walk away"  I have to say that caption captured the essence of June bug!  

The Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County doesn't have a method to donate online, so I have to send it through the mail.  I have gotten too accustomed to the convenience of online payments haha!  Here is there website if you would like to check it out!

Please consider adopting your next best friend from your local shelter or rescue group.  You most certainly won't regret it!

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