Thursday, June 6, 2013

Everything Happens for a Reason

After adopting our sweet Willa, I was quite sad at the fact that we could no longer foster as we had hit the city limit of three dogs.  Unfortunately, Ben also had a limit of three dogs.  I couldn't blame him for keeping me grounded.  Sometimes enough is enough.  I still felt, however, that one more wouldn't be any harder than three.  Someday....maybe....he would agree.

One day at work, I got a voicemail from our rental company.  Our landlords were moving back in so we had to move out.  I immediately freaked out.  How on earth would I find a rental that allowed three dogs?  Finding one that just allowed Cooper was hard enough!  I was so very distraught at the idea of moving.  We had lived in that house for two years, which is the longest we had ever stayed at a place since Ben is in the Navy.  Well, at least we were used to moving!

As luck would have it, a friend at work knew an awesome, laid back landlord that had an empty house in his neighborhood.  I immediately got in touch with him and talked about our pups.  I asked if three adult dogs would be okay.  He was completely fine with our dogs.  He just didn't like cats. Phew!  That was a load off my mind!

It just so happened that our new house was in a new town....without a three dog limit.  I was so excited!  I couldn't wait to ask Ben what he thought.  Nope.  He wasn't okay with four dogs.  I was quite disheartened, but who can blame him?  He had already been so understanding of his crazy dog lady wife.

A couple of weeks later, we were in our last week at our old house.  We were packing, loading, cleaning, and moving.  We were quite busy at our house.  Then I got a call from Paula.  She had an emergency foster.  One of her foster homes backed out and she couldn't get the foster dog to a new foster home until the weekend.  She needed someone to watch her for three days.  I immediately told her I would.  Wait a minute....I forgot about Ben.  I told her I needed to call him and make sure it was okay.  After a brief explanation to Ben, he said that it would be fine.  I was so glad to be able to help!

Photo courtesy of Paula Ford
Later that day, Paula brought over sweet little Topaz.  She was a few months old, and Paula thought she was an Australian Shepherd mix.  She was a tiny 20 pounds, and she was as sweet as could be!  Ben immediately fell in love with her, but who could blame him?

Foster Dad is in love!
The day came for us to move.  It also happened to be the day Paula was supposed to pick up Topaz to take her to her new foster home.  The night before, Ben and I had been going over the game plan for moving day while we were driving a load to the new house.  One item we discussed was Topaz.  Paula would be picking her up around one o'clock.  Ben got a little quiet.  As he was looking out of the window, he said, "Well....Paula doesn't have to pick up Topaz.  We could keep her until she gets adopted."  Oh, how I love that man!  I couldn't believe my ears, but I jumped on it!  I immediately called Paula and told her the good news.  My softie of a husband wanted to keep fostering Topaz.  You can imagine my joy!  If we could handle four, then we could keep least that's how I saw it.

So in the course of a few weeks, I went from being devastated that we couldn't foster anymore to having a sweet girl to love and care for.  I was so excited to still be able to foster.  Things happened for a reason.  Bad news turned into great news!

Topaz & Coop chilling in the backyard
I was just so ecstatic that things had worked out.  I could continue helping out doggies and make a difference.  It was an amazing feeling!

As always, please consider adopting your next best friend from your local shelter or rescue.  You most certainly won't regret it!

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  1. AWESOME post...made my eyes leak!!! I love you guys!!!

    1. Aw we love you, too! I am glad you liked it :). You know we live fostering for you!!!

    2. Whoops! I meant love fostering for you!

  2. Ah ha! That is so fantastic! I found that once you go from one to two, which is doubling how many you have, the others just blend right in. Then, if you're really silly, you agree to foster three little puppies for a few days like we did!

    I am so happy for you guys and hope to read more soon!

    1. Thank you! Three puppies! Wowzers! That sounds like a lot of work but a lot of fun and snuggles! In my opinion, the more the merrier. I love being surrounded by dogs. It is good for the soul :)


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