Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lucky Number Seven

After Miss Daisy (Cassidy) left, Ben and I took a three week hiatus from fostering.  Although I love fostering, it was so very nice to have some quality time with our three kids.  Ever since we adopted Willa, she never really got a chance to be the "new" dog.  We always had other dogs around.  We took this opportunity to spoil her rotten....and oh, did she love it!

After three weeks of enjoying my little family, I decided it was time to help again.  There were just too many pups in need for me to sit on the bench any longer.  I called Paula from Sea Dog Rescue and we set up a time to head to our local shelter to find my next foster.

On July 12, 2013, Paula and I met at the local SPCA.  We started walking around the kennels and I immediately fell in love!  With Farrah :)  She was a beautiful hound!  Unfortunately, we were looking for a male to go in my household, so Farrah would have to wait.  (I of course went back to photograph her and do a blog post.  She is still available!)  Hounds are most definitely my weakness.

Paula & I kept browsing.  We saw three boys that struck our fancy.  One ended up not doing well with other dogs and one wasn't available for adoption yet as he was still on his stray hold.  That left one.  Olson.

Photo courtesy of Paula Ford

Every time we walked away from his kennel at the shelter, he let out a big dog bark.  "Don't leave without me!!!"  Okay, we won't :)  Paula and I thought Olson would make a perfect Sea Dog.  After Paula filled out the necessary paperwork, I headed to the vet with him.  He was so sweet.  I immediately started thinking of a new name for him.  Woody.  I wanted to name him in honor of the most unique, loving, and wonderful black lab I have ever know, Elwood.

Woody and I headed home after the vet so he could meet the family.  The girls both loved him, but Cooper kept his distance.  Woody was a fully formed make when he entered our home.  Cooper was cautious of him, but he accepted him.  Willa thought he was super handsome!

Willa's New Boyfriend :)

Willa was in love with Woody, but June thought he was the best play mate ever!  They tumbled, they ran, they played, and they started all over again.  It was a constant cycle of fun for these two.  It was quite a challenge to keep them from playing after Woody's neuter surgery.  He did enjoy his snuggling and quiet time though!

Woody was with us for 29 days.  He went to his forever family on August 9, 2013, where he joined another Sea Dog, Raegan!  They had a wonderful meet and greet and couldn't wait to play together.  It was sad to leave him, but I know he has a wonderful family to love and care for him.  He will never go without ever again.  I will miss you, Woody!  (And June will, too!)

Junie pouting after Woody left.  Poor girl!

Don't worry, sweet June!  I am sure you will have a new playmate before you know it!


Do your dogs have special bonds with other dogs?  Who are they best friends with?


  1. Raegan ? is that the Raegan you have shared the youtube's video on your blog's facebook pages ? if so, thats a great news cuz she was adorable.

    I believe the Cooper's mistrust about Woody is natural. Cooper is a boy so he acts as well when an unknown one come into his territory.

    I cannot say my dog does have any special bonds with other ones. he is friendly and love to play but I never noticed any particular affection for anyone.

    Have a great Week end.
    ps: thank you for your quick reply. I subscribed yesterday.

    1. That is the same Raegan!!! I am so happy she found her home! She has become her new mama's baby girl :)

      I agree with you about Cooper. I think his behavior was completely normal. Dogs won't always be best friends, but Cooper was a very good boy and let Woody share his house :)

      Cooper doesn't usually form strong bonds with other dogs either. I like to think that I am his special bond :) He did befriend a chocolate lab in Connecticut at the dog park named Bailey though. They were best buds!

      You are very welcome for the quick reply! I am glad you subscribed!

      Have a happy weekend :)

  2. So glad that our fosters found the same forever home, how cool is that.

    1. It is super cool! Foster moms forever :)

  3. So glad that our fosters found the same forever home, how cool is that.

  4. Farrah?! Woody is gorgeous, and I'm so glad he found his home but the name Farrah is etched into my heart by my very abused, now very loved hound girl. Photos of her on the blog, Fostering Farrah. When she first came to Silverwalk, I could only touch her head, not her body; in bathing, scars showed up all over her body - grrr. Another rescue took her babies but did not have time for Farrah. She was with me 4 years - my volunteers and a foster home gave her the polish she needed for her own home.

    Love what you do. I'm having more people say "now I get the fostering thing...."esp. when I send them to blogs like this. Thank you.

    1. Oh Farrah! I read her story on your blog (the Fostering Farrah blog is by invite only). I am so sad that she had such a rough first year, but I am so very thankful she made her way to you at Silverwalk! Her photos are absolutely gorgeous. She reminds me of my girls. Willa also came with mystery scars, but she wasn't in nearly as bad of shape as Farrah. I am so glad Farrah found her happy ending!!!

      Thank you for your kind words about my blog! I truly hope that someone will read my stories and want to foster, too.

      Thanks again! Have a great weekend!

  5. That is so awesome that he now has a forever home!! I'm so happy for him!! Good job Laura you are the best!

    1. It's very awesome indeed! Thank you, Francesca :) You are too kind!

  6. What a handsome boy! I'm so glad he found a great home :-) Rocco has a few buddies that he loves to play with, he likes dogs that enjoy a good game of chase and a tumble.

    1. Thank you! Rocco has good taste. Chase and tumble games are the best. :)


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