Saturday, August 3, 2013

Product Review: By Nature Dog Food

Recently I was contacted by a representative from "By Nature" pet food to do a reviewAs I am quite picky in what I feed my dogs, I did a quick review of their ingredients before I made my decision.  After reviewing their food, I decided I would be happy to do a review for them!

I was given the choice of the following flavors to try:

Natural Cat Food: Dry 
Adult Cat Formula 17 lb. 

Natural Dog Food: Dry 
Puppy Formula 17l lb. 
Adult Dog Formula 17 lb. 
Active Dog Formula 17 lb. 
Pork & Sweet Potato Formula 17 lb. 
Duck & Sweet Peas Formula 17 lb. 
Salmon, Oceanfish & Yogurt Formula 17 lb. 
Grain-Free Dog Formula 15 lb. 

Organic Dog Food: Dry 
Organic Adult Dog 12.5 lb.

I decided to try the Grain Free formula for my girls.  My hounds are a little more energetic than my lab so they were going to be my guinea pigs.  The girls were currently eating Taste of the Wild, so I was curious how By Nature would compare.  Cooper eats a grain free formula called K9 4 Life.  (My vet talked me into Vet Iams Weight Loss formula once upon a time, but that junk only stayed in my house for about a month.  Yucko!)  My kids deserve the best :)

I eagerly awaited my package in the mail.  It finally arrived!  My girls were quite excited to check it out.

A hounds nose doesn't lie.  Even through the bag, my girls could smell their tasty new food.  They could barely wait for me to take my photos before Willa started howling for some!

I opened the bag to a lovely surprise:

The food was a beautiful color and it smelled pretty good.  (Even to a human!)  The kibble was much smaller than I was used to.  They were pea sized.  It would be perfect for smaller breeds, but it was good for my medium sized girls, too.  Once the bag was open, it was game time!  The girls could really smell their new food now!

June and Willa absolutely LOVED their new food!



Ingredients are so very important to look at when picking out a dog food.  The number one ingredient needs to be a protein.  Avoid foods with by-products, artificial colors, and no-name meats.  If a food says meat instead of chicken, for example, that meat could be absolutely anything.  You really need to know what you are feeding your kids.  ALWAYS read the label.  Here is the By Nature label for you to read:


Guaranteed Analysis

This food lived up to my expectations.  It was made with high quality ingredients and my hounds loved it!  It can be very hard to please a hound's nose, so that is saying something!  I would be happy to feed this to my girls again.  Next time, I might try a different flavor, however, due to the higher protein content in this formula.  I don't want my girls to get chunky :)

If you are interested in trying By Nature, visit their website to find a location near you.  There is also a list of online retailers you can purchase their food through.


What do you feed your dog?

Full Disclosure:

I was contacted to do this review.  I was not compensated in any way, but I was provided with a free bag of food to sample.  All of the opinions in this review are my own.  Thank you for reading!


  1. Looks like a great brand. I like how the ingredients seem to be written in a way that a person is able to understand whats in it! When Joker, and I move back to the States I will totally give this brand a try to see how it is.

    1. I agree! When I can't understand the ingredients, I figure it is something I don't want to feed my kids. Where are you and Joker moving to? That is exciting!

  2. Your girls seem to love that stuff (and be very greedy :D ) we cannot purchase this kind of brand in Europe. I feed my dog with Frolic and various treats.
    Have a blessed Sunday.

    1. My girls certainly did love it! And they were very greedy indeed. I sometimes wonder how much they would eat if I left the bag open on the floor. I bet they would eat a ton!

      Have a great Sunday as well!


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