Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Romp in the Mud

A little over a week ago, we had a couple of hard rainfalls.  Our yard takes forever and a day to dry after we get rain.  I am sure you can imagine how fun it is to have a giant puddle instead of a yard with three dogs in the house.  We end up with a pile of wet towels by our door to wipe wet and muddy paws.

Right before the rain came, Junie got a bath.  She was playing in the yard with Buddy and got rolled into some poo during a game of chase.  As you can imagine....it was bath time after that!

She smelled so wonderful after her bath!  I bought a new shampoo for the pups, and it is pretty awesome.  We got one lovely evening with our sweet smelling June bug before the rain came.

The morning after it rained, I let the three dogs out while I did a couple things in the house.  They weren't out very long.  I think it was only five minutes or so.  I came to the door with towel in hand to wipe their paws when I saw her.

My oh my!  Looks like it is time for another bath! Buddy and June had quite a romp in the yard.  They were digging, running, and chasing all over the giant puddle.  How fun for them! 

The boys got a thorough toweling down before coming in, but June was beyond toweling!  Can you believe she thought I would open the door for her looking like that?  Silly girl!  I had Ben carry her into the bathroom to avoid muddy paw prints through the house.

My sweet girl was not very pleased about two baths in a row, but at least she smelled sweet again!

Please consider adopting your next best friend from your local shelter or rescue group.  You most certainly will not regret it, even with muddy paw prints! 

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  1. LOL...poor Junie...and, is it really fair that she had to have another bath whilest the boys did not? Oh man! Our yard has some big puddles too...towel by the door, same as you...but at least no baths required - this time!

    1. She firmly agrees with you, Paula! It isn't fair being a white dog in a dirty yard :) But then again, she is the one who likes to dig in the mud haha!!

  2. Although I haven't adopted a dog from rescue in quite some time, I think it is a wonderful thing to do so. Much respect to you!

    Found your blog via the Blog Hop.... and can't wait to follow more of your adventures :)

    Love, your newest followers,

    Ellie, Cedar, Ember and Scully

  3. Welcome, Ellie! And thank you for your kind words. Rescuing is near and dear to my heart. I love to share my adoption tales :) Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

  4. I feeling lucky bandit and Charlie will not go out in the rain, however when the rain stops they find every puddle there is I got bandit in the tub to give a bath just to realize that I was out of shampoo, he got lucky

    1. Oh puddles are so fun! (Well for the pups...not us haha!)

      And what a lucky pup you didn't have any shampoo left! Give the boys a kiss for me:)


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