Friday, December 7, 2012

Buddy's Walk Downtown

In our little town in North Carolina, we have an art walk every first Friday of the month.  It is a lovely little festivity downtown where all of the local shops and businesses stay open late and promote our local artists.  There is an art gallery, and local artists are spread throughout downtown in local shops to display and talk about their work. 

Waterfront Park

Ben and I took our little Buddy on this art walk tonight.  I made him a little bandanna to wear that said "Adopt Me".  Yes, my fabric choice was a bit bright, but it gets dark so early now.  I wanted to make sure our boy stood out in a crowd.

Buddy's New Bandanna

Although there were a lot of people out tonight, they were mostly inside of the shops.  Unfortunately, Buddy wasn't allowed in.  Silly rules!  We did, however, walk up and down the main strip a few times where people were walking around a bit. 


Buddy was awesome!  He didn't pull on the leash at all and had a lot of fun sniffing around.  He got several "Oh how cute!" and "What a sweetie!" remarks from walkers.  He got to  meet a very nice lady who pet him and told us all about her two rescue shepherds at home.  She thought Buddy was adorable (of course)!  Buddy wasn't even the slightest bit nervous meeting her.  Maybe he could tell she was a shepherd fan at heart!

Buddy only got a bit nervous once.  A family of four was walking toward us and he backed up a bit.  After that, Ben & I headed back to the park where our car was.  Getting him out and socializing him was great, but enough was enough.  We didn't want to overload Buddy on his outing.

Every time he was walking, sniffing, and happy, I gave him a pat (or treat!) and told him what a good boy he was.  I couldn't help but think what a great dog he will be for his forever family, whoever they may be. 

As I am typing this, he is sound asleep in the bed next to me.  He is so very sweet and just wants to be loved.  And don't worry, he is getting plenty of love here in his foster home! 

Coop is also sleeping right next to me....Snoring like an old man of course!  I do love his snoring though.  If I am ever away from home, it is hard to sleep without his rhythmic, slumbering sounds.  A house without a dog is not a home if you ask me!

Please consider adopting your next best friend from your local shelter or rescue group.  You most certainly will not regret it!

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  1. Hey Coop, Hey Buddy, Jet here. Hi Miss Laura.

    Brilliant, I say, brilliant... wearing such a bright informative bandanna.

    We agree, silly rules...

    So glad Buddy had a positive experience... whoo hoo. May he find he forever family speedy quick.

    1. Hey, Jet!! Glad you like the bandanna! And yes, those no dogs allowed rules are so very silly. If I ever have my own business, our four-legged friends wil most certainly be welcome! They are family, too:)

      And Buddy says "Thanks fo the well wishes!"

  2. What a great idea! Good luck, Buddy!

    1. Thank you, Loy! We love little things like this that our town puts on. We love getting the pups out! Have a great weekend:)

  3. This is a brilliant idea. You should sell it to all of the dog rescues / welfares.

    1. Thank you, Jade! I actually got a lot of fabric and materials to make some for the rescue I foster for, but I am just going to donate them as their expenses are already too great. Thanks for stopping by!


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