Friday, July 12, 2013

Betty's Transport

As you all know, I have a soft spot for hounds.  I fell in love with this little beagle quite quickly.  I held her like a baby and she would kiss my nose.  I was so very glad that my mom and dad had decided to adopt Betty.  I would be able to see her again!

Betty was with us for a short 33 days.  It wasn't the easiest time as my girls didn't get along with her sometimes.  Betty growled a bit at the girls her first few days here. I honestly think it had a lot to do with the fact that we had four female dogs in the house at once.  Girls don't always get along, and these hounds didn't.  It also could be that as a stray, Betty didn't have anything.  Once she had toys, food, and attention, maybe she didn't want anyone to take them from her. 

Sometimes they could all be together (supervised) and everything was fine.  Other times, we had to crate and rotate.  At night, Betty either slept in her crate or in our room with Cooper, but we would keep the door shut.  Even with a little bit of extra drama, I still loved this sweet Beagle.  She would sleep in a little cozy ball by my pillow at night and snore softly in my ear.  She was a sweet and loving girl.  I think she knew very well that I saved her.  I pulled her in from a cold and rainy day and gave her love.

One last kiss goodbye

On Friday, May 31, I had to say my goodbyes to Betty.  It was the day of her transport to Indiana.  Betty's transport consisted of several individual legs like a relay race.  One driver would take her about an hour or so and hand her off to the next driver.  Paula from Sea Dog Rescue rode with me for the first leg of Betty's transport.

Passing Betty off to Linda, the second driver

We met the second driver off the main highway next to a restaurant.  I walked Betty around and tried to give her some water.  I wonder if she knew she was leaving me.  I told her that I loved her and she was going to her perfect forever family.  I hope she understood.  I said my goodbyes.  I kept from crying, but that was because I had Paula with me.  She helped me keep my mind off of leaving her.

Indiana bound

Betty was on her way to Indiana.  She had several more hours to drive and a slumber party with a very nice lady, but she would soon be with her new mom.  Betty was headed to a house with two brothers of her very own.  She would be in a perfect home with a big yard to roam and bunnies to chase.  It was beagle heaven.

Until we meet again, sweet Betty.  Your foster mom will always love you.


Have you ever participated in volunteer transports?  Would you like to?  I will be writing a post on rescue transports very soon so stay tuned!


  1. Betty's going to be so surprised to see you again when you visit this fall! She is growing more and more accustomed to being an Indiana dog... and you are right about this being Bunny Heaven!

    1. I can't wait to come visit, Mom! I am going to pick up that beagle and get my kisses :) Hopefully she won't chew my hair though haha!

  2. Ah, what a sweet story about a lovely little hound! I smiled when I read that you would "crate and rotate". We do something similar with Callie who doesn't always play well with others. I am looking forward to reading about transports.

    1. I am glad someone can sympathize with crating and rotating :) They are all great dogs, but sometimes they just didn't get along.

      I can't wait to write my transport post. I think that rescue transports are simply amazing!

      Have a great day, and I hope your pack is doing well :)


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