Monday, July 22, 2013


I love rescue.  I feel like I have finally found my place in life now that I am a part of rescue.  It is what I was meant to do.  There is no greater feeling than saving a life.  It is the ultimate reward to see a dog go from a shelter to a loving home where they will never go hungry again and where they will never be without love and affection.  

While rescue is amazing, it can also be heartbreaking.  Every day I see dogs on Facebook that need help.  Some need donations for life saving surgeries.  Others need networked so they can be adopted from rescues.  Mostly, however, I see dogs in need of rescue from kill shelters.  "Code red!"  "Urgent!"  I see these words far too often.  It quite literally breaks my heart.  It physically hurts to see such sad, sweet faces that just need a chance.  They just need someone to help them.  I wish I could help them all.

I look at those pictures on Facebook and wonder which ones will make it.  Who will be lucky enough to be adopted?  Who won't...?  I just think about my own dogs.  What if I hadn't found them?  Would they have made it out?  It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.  I know Willa wouldn't have made it.  She was number one on the list to be euthanized.  It makes me ill to think about it.  My dogs are my world.  They are the best companions a girl could ask for.  I just know that all of the dogs I see awaiting homes in the shelter could be perfect companions, too, if they were just given the chance. 

I have three adopted dogs of my own.  I have a fourth spot in my home for a foster dog.  I volunteer.  I am constantly on the computer working on the rescue's website or writing blog posts to get the word out on fostering and adoption.   I try so hard to help.  I even plan on having my own rescue one day.  Although I do what I can to help save the lives of these precious pups, I am only one person.  I cannot help them all.

Because I am one person, I am asking for your help.  It can be something little. It can be something big.  I just need help.  The little things are simple and most are free:
  • Hit that "share" button on Facebook.  If these dogs don't get any networking, they don't have a chance.  
  • Offer to take photos of available dogs at your local shelter.  Great photos get dogs adopted.  
  • Volunteer to walk dogs at your local shelter.  Exercised and socialized dogs are much more appealing to potential adopters.  
  • Stick a magnet on the back of your car promoting rescue or adoption.  (I have three on mine, and I love them!)  
  • And the easiest thing of all, voice your opinions.  Share the word that adoption is amazing and that spaying and neutering saves lives.  
What are the big things you can do?  
  • Adopt!  Open your home to a pup who will be forever grateful. 
  • Foster!  Fostering is temporary and it is an integral part of rescue.  Foster homes save lives!  
  • Donate!  Skip fast food a couple times a month and set up a $10.00 monthly donation at your favorite rescue or shelter.  The money will go directly to the dogs and help give them the care they need while they are waiting on their forever homes.
Please help me make a difference.  I cannot do it alone.  Please share with your friends and family the love you have for dogs.  Share the need to save them.  I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading this and taking the time to help me if you choose to do so.  (And I know a lot of you are already helping!  You are awesome!)  You are making a big difference for these sweet dogs.  Thank you!


How will you (or how do you) help the world of rescue?  What ideas do you have that are easy for the average person to accomplish?


  1. I foster right now (in great part to you)but would like to get more involved with the local shelter. And Laura you are awesome!

    1. You are awesome, Angela! I am so glad you are in rescue, too! It is so nice to have a friend that understands me and feels the same way. Not to mention you don't look at me like I am crazy when I talk about dogs :)

      Thanks for all that you do!

  2. Great post. I fully agree with you and understand what you mean. I see hopeless dogs every day (the worst is when they come from foreign countries.there, cannot do anything to help them) and that is infuriating.

    I believe the most efficient way to promote adoption is to show, daily, how cool is life with dogs.

    Dogs are awesome. Everyones should have to love them. :-)

    1. Thank you, Thibaud! It certainly is hard to see dogs so far away that you can't help personally. I also agree with you that spreading the word about how wonderful dogs are is the best way to help them. Living with dogs is simply the best. :)


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